Meet The Owners of Maid Right Cherry Hill. NJ

Since 1997 Steve Brodack and Gregg Prescott, your local Maid Right owners, have been part of the Cherry Hill area business community. Over those years they have built a solid reputation for quality commercial cleaning through our sister company JAN-PRO. In fact today Gregg and Steve’s commercial operation is responsible for cleaning more than 4,000,000 square feet of commercial space in the area, every single week.

Now they’re extending their reach into local residential cleaning through the Maid Right business model. According to Steve it was an easy decision, in fact as he puts it,” We knew the company and we’d been applying it’s cleaning programs on the commercial side for over 15 years. From there it was a logical decision to bring the same practices and cleaning standards to the residential market.”

Unlike every other large competitor in residential cleaning, Maid Right is structured and managed by business owners, not hourly employees who may come and go. Customers get really bothered by dealing with regular cleaning crew changes, where business owners are going to offer more stability and a higher level of commitment to quality.

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