Spring Cleaning ABC’s by Maid Right Miami

Spring brings about new life wherever it touches, especially in South Florida. Sadly, sometimes your house might be left in the winter dullness, and it might need a bit of brightening with the start of the new season.


Maid Right Miami is a company formed of the passionate worker who will help develop a house cleaning plan custom to your needs and time. They provide free estimates in-home to help you kick start the season. They bring their tools and supplies, and they will deep clean your home from small jobs to tougher jobs that might be intimidating to you. The workers at Maid Right Miami keep in mind these simple tips when spring cleaning.


A – Area by Area: Homes are broken down into rooms. This can especially be helpful when deep cleaning. By breaking down your cleaning chore into room-by-room jobs, you can start with the easiest or toughest job to keep yourself on task. Working from room to room also helps when organizing. If something belongs in another room, simply take it there and resume your cleaning.


B – Bottoms Up: Each year, it is important to deep clean your floor. By spending a little extra time polishing your hardwood floors, shampooing your carpets, and cleaning the grout between your tile, you can keep your floors looking both shiny and smelling amazing. This will also protect your flooring from becoming too worn down and dull. Your floors are the basis of your home. If you have clean, shiny, fragrant floors, people will notice.



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Life is short. Clean less.®




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