Cleaning homes as a Maid Right owner is my business… literally!

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Start Your Own Business

But not on your own

The Latino business community is making great inroads and progress in franchising. The IFA reports that hispanic interest in franchise opportunities has increased tenfold in the last 5 years. If you are among the latinos looking to start your own business in the United States; you should consider Maid Right

Why Should I Consider a Cleaning Business Franchise?

Do you enjoy cleaning or have thought about starting your own cleaning business, but just didn't know how? Maid Right has a great opportunity for you! While other franchise cleaning companies offer hourly employment, Maid Right offers you the chance to start and grow your own business using our model, skills, training and support. With over $50 billion in annual sales, the franchise cleaning industry is dynamic.

Maid Right is a sister company to JAN-PRO, a top ranked global leader in franchise commercial cleaning. The longevity and success of the JAN-PRO model has been adapted for home cleaning customers through Maid Right. Entering to the residential cleaning industry to establish your own business is a very good idea since this industry serves a human need.

With a minimum initial investment you can start a Maid Right cleaning company franchise of your own, and what is best, is that you decide how much income you will earn based on the package you select. Our packages adapt to your wallet, it all depends on how quickly you are motivated to earn it. The initial cost includes the use of our brand name, training, uniforms, initial starter equipment, and cleaning supplies. As a unit franchise operator, you'll also receive administrative support from our corporate office. Your Maid Right cleaning franchise business can also advise you on the best coverage against personal injury and property damage insurance.

At Maid Right, no sales experience is required. In fact, we will supply all of your customers for you! Maid Right will assign you to a local area of homes in an already established cleaning schedule. As a unit franchise operator, you'll learn how easy and rewarding it can be to buy a cleaning franchise and build a business of your own! Enjoy the opportunity to earn higher income while enjoying the stability of a recession-resistant industry.

Learn the locations available to start your franchise in your area. Latino entrepreneurs are growing and prospering in Hispanic communities nationwide. At Maid Right, we can show you how rewarding it can be to build and run your own business. Contact us today to learn how easy investing in a Maid Right franchise can be! You can call 1-888-675-2095 to speak with us and request an information session at our offices.

Be Your Own Boss But Not On Your Own

But not on your own

Download this guide, "Owning the Right Home Cleaning Franchise" to learn what essentials questions to ask during the process of buying, operating and growing your cleaning franchise businesses.