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There is a wealth of untapped consumers throughout the United States who are ready for Maid Right home cleaning services. However, many companies are unable to reach these consumers as customers because of limitations between language barriers and the ability to communicate efficiently toward these consumers.

Maid Right Latino – Location, Location, Location…

In 2011, Hispanic spending power was estimated at $1.2 trillion a year according to the U.S. Census. By 2012, Hispanic spending power represented more than 15 percent of the total spending power of the U.S. population, according to HispanTelligence. These figures do not include the buying power of undocumented immigrants.

Hispanic-owned franchisees have a higher likelihood of connecting better than others to this growing demographic for they understand the profile and the culture of the Latino consumer which is vital for creating success in a franchise.

The locations available to own a Maid Right Unit franchise at this present moment are:

If you live in a city or region listed above and want to start the process of being your own business owner, please complete this form so we can get back to you to schedule an information session.

If you live in a city or region not listed above but you’re interested in learning more about how to own a Maid Right Unit franchise in your local area, there is an information packet waiting for you. Simply contact our main office at 1-855-624-3744 to Request a Franchise Kit.

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