The Maid Right Franchise Discovery Process – Maid Right Latino

The Maid Right Franchise Discovery process includes the following steps:

  • Initial Inquiry
  • Face to Face Meeting
  • Review of Financial Requirements
  • Background and other checking
  • Review of legally required documents
  • Agreement preparation & approval
  • Training
  • Getting started

Maid Right Latino – The Locality Factor

Maid Right understands the value of bringing in Hispanic entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs to create new businesses and unit franchises that appeal to the local community.

Although a unit franchise owner uses the Maid Right brand for leverage and recognition, ultimately, the home cleaning service itself is a local business that will allow unit franchise owners to pursue their entrepreneurial dream of building a family business of their own.

Check our available locations for you to start your own business, and then complete this form so we can contact you to schedule an information session. Also, you can call our main office during normal business hours at 1-888-675-2095 to Request a Franchise Kit.

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